Behold, more right-wing media PC

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Bottom line: Conservative bloggers aren't allowed to criticize Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. But don't say the movement is close minded!

Former Bush speechwriter and National Review scribe David Frum found out, again, about today's rampant right-wing political correctness when he tried to get his site, FrumForum, included in something called Blogads Conservative Hive, which is run by John Hawkins at Right Wing News and helps advertisers reach conservatives readers.

But Frum was rejected and not allowed to join the ad group. Why? Because he sometimes writes critically of the conservative movement.

Nice to know that political correctness is alive and well.

BTW, the best part of Hawkin's post where he defend rejecting Frum's inclusion, is here:

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit does phenomenal work and probably draws and holds 4 readers a day for every one Frum has. How come those guys aren't writing for CNN? Where's their column at Time? Where's their blog on the Washington Post explaining the conservative movement?'

Yep. Hawkins wonders why Jim Hoft doesn't get paid by the WashPost to blog about the conservative movement. Hmm, I'm pretty sure it's because Hoft makes stuff up for a living. But please note that in the eyes of Hawkins, it's Frum's work that's considered to be out of bounds.

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