Surprise! Right-wing blogger Patterico doesn't know how the Internets work

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Here's Patterico's latest lame gotcha, in its entirety:

That's right. Boehlert whines and moans about Andrew Malcolm calling President Obama mean names, like "Smoker-in-Chief." Then he cross-publishes his post at a site called "The Smirking Chimp." On the masthead is a picture of former President George W. Bush, with a "return to sender" stamp across his face.

It's irony so rich, you won't have room for seconds!

But naturally, Patterico has no idea what he's talking about so instead he just makes stuff up and looks very, very foolish in the process. (Hey, it's a hobby.)

Fact: I did not "cross-publish" my column at The Smirking Chimp. Patterico might not now this, but in the wonderful world of the Internets, sometimes sites independently reproduce other writers' work, which is exactly what The Smirking Chimp did with my column about the LA Times. As it does with many of my columns.

But Patterico makes a patently false claim about me in an attempt to portray me as a hypocrite; that I specifically cross-published my LA Times column at The Smirking Chimp. I did not.

Aside from the pointless debate about cross-posting, did you note how painfully dumb Patterico's attempt at media analysis was in terms of my column? i.e. Patterico thinks the LA Times and the site The Smirking Chimp are comparable. Oh brother.

The entire point of my column was how bizarre it was for one of the largest newspaper in the country to dedicate its political website to producing Drudge-Lite gotcha junk. And specifically, I asked why one of the largest newspapers in the country would adopt such a openly hateful, insulting tone online regarding the President of the United States.

So Patterico, not knowing what he's talking about, thought it was ironic that that I "cross-published" my column at the site called The Smirking Chimp. In the mind of Patterico, there's a clear connection between one of the largest newspapers in the country, and a liberal website run by one guy.

Honestly, how do you even parody somebody as clueless as this?

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