Smerconish asked by Fox News to say Obama is "cocky and that his cockiness will hurt him"


In a Washington Post op-ed, radio host Michael Smerconish decries the "artificial presentation of attitudes on cable TV and talk radio," which present "only two, diametrically opposed philosophical approaches to the issues."

Smearconish recounts CNN insisting that he give a partisan identification when appearing on Larry King Live during the presidential campaign. He goes on to describe this interaction with a Fox News producer:

Another time, a Fox News producer invited me to appear on a program to discuss then-candidate Barack Obama. I was told they were "looking for someone who would say he's cocky and that his cockiness will hurt him, if not in the primary, definitely in the general election against McCain." I declined. A few hours later, the same producer made a new pitch: "What about a debate off the top of the show on whether or not Hillary is trustworthy? We have someone who says she is and we're looking for someone who says she isn't."

The message of both episodes is clear: There is no room for nuance. Either you offer a consistent (possibly artificial) ideological view or you often don't get a say.

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