Again, does Gallup read its own polling results?

Again, does Gallup read its own polling results?

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From the polling firm's site today [emphasis added]:

President Barack Obama's 48.8% job approval average for his fifth quarter in office is down slightly from his prior quarter, and ranks among the lowest for elected presidents' fifth quarters since World War II.

This is just dopey and illustrates, yet again, how Gallup seems to go out of its way to hype, as news, Obama's (stagnant) polling numbers. It's really unbecoming of a independent polling firm.

Because here is a sample of fifth quarter approval ratings for some presidents since World War II. After reading, tell me if you think Obama's current standing is in any way unusual or newsworthy:

Obama: 49%

Clinton: 52%

Reagan: 46%

Carter: 48%

Ford: 47%

Truman: 44%

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