Conservatives refuse to let Reagan get in the way of invoking Reagan


What is the best way to stick an exclamation point on conservative spin or employ a fact-free attack on Democrats in power? That's easy: invoke President Reagan. But what do you do if you actually disagree with Reagan's policies? As the Media Research Council's Dan Gainor demonstrated today, it's not a problem. Just follow in the proud tradition of Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin and simply rewrite history.

Gainor, who has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to spin any statement into an example of so-called liberal bias, strongly rebutted Robert Shrum's assertion that President Obama's defense policies resemble Reagan's defense policies. Gainor said this:

Get that? So, according to Gainor, Obama's first year increase in defense spending is "the complete opposite" of Reagan's first year increase in defense spending. And Obama's ultimate goal of a "world without nuclear weapons", and proposals to bilaterally reduce our nuclear weapons' stash by 30 percent is "the complete opposite" of Reagan's "ultimate goal" of "eliminating all nuclear weapons," and concrete efforts towards reducing those weapons.

So, Gainor claimed that "Barack Obama's no Reagan," but it's pretty clear that Gainor's Reagan was no Reagan either.

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