I triple dog dare LA Times' Andrew Malcolm to blog Palin's latest dreadful polling numbers

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Yet another round of Palin polls that find her to be a wildly, wildly unpopular politician. So yes, you can be sure that Laura Bush's former flak and full-time (factually-challenged) Palin cheerleader, Andrew Malcolm, will not be detailing the results for LA Times readers.

It's true Malcolm routinely botches the facts when trying to portray Obama as "suddenly" falling in the polls. And yes, he just flat-out lied last week when he claimed Obama's approval rating was "souring" in the immediate aftermath of the health care vote. (The opposite was actually true.)

But it's also true that Malcolm's apparently allergic to writing up polling results that show his hero, Palin, to be almost painfully unpopular.

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