LA Times' Andrew Malcolm still unsure how to read polling results

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Here's Laura Bush's former flak, doing his usual polling pratfall, as he desperately tries to spin Obama's job approval [emphasis added]:

a new Gallup Poll finds, Obama's public approval rating has suddenly fallen to the worst level since he took office however many years ago that seems. He was right around 70% in January of 2009.

Today, Gallup reports, the ex-senator has plunged to a 46% approval rating.

How big of a fall did Obama suffer in the most recent Gallup three-day poll? That's right, his approval rating fell from 48 percent to 46 percent, which of course, falls within Gallup's margin of error.

So how did Malcolm spin the barely-there, 2-point decline? According to Malcolm, Obama's job approval has plunged. It plunged from 48 to 46 percent. It's part of a "dramatic poll drop."

UPDATED: Note the Malcolm headline:

New Gallup Poll finds Americans suddenly souring more on Obama; Now, why could that be?

This is almost too dumb for words. Obama's approval ratings has basically fallen within a three or four point range for the last seven months. But according to Malcolm, there's been a sudden move by the public.

Except that, of course, there hasn't been.

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