Andrew Malcolm's Palin poll reporting is getting weirder by the minute

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No, Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm (R-CA) -- a former Bush press secretary -- won't mention Sarah Palin's recent lousy poll numbers. But that isn't to say Malcolm doesn't have anything to say about Palin and polls:

A Valentine's Day poll without Sarah Palin

February 14, 2010 | 6:08 pm

In a telephone poll that had nothing to do with conservatives' favorite sweetheart, Sarah Palin, Rasmussen Reports reports that one of the year's more important holidays in terms of domestic politics is dreaded by a substantial minority.


BTW, Palin and husband Todd were apart on Valentine's Day, she working the Daytona 500 NASCAR crowd in Florida, he back in Alaska preparing for the Iron Dog snow-machine race.


-- Andrew Malcolm

So, after spinning Palin's poll numbers to make them look better than they are (to the point of misstating them so badly the Times had to post a correction) and shoe-horning them into blog posts having nothing to do with Palin, Malcolm went silent on the topic of Palin polling once her numbers got too bad for even him to spin. But now he's back with a weird post about a Rasmussen poll about Valentine's Day that has literally nothing to do with Sarah Palin -- and, inexplicably, he puts Palin in the headline and lede, and inserts a line about Palin being apart from her husband on Valentine's Day.

This is getting sad. And maybe a little creepy.

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