Are right-wing bloggers really siding with the anti-cop Christian militia?

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When news broke over the weekend that members of the right-wing, anti-government Christian militia group Hutaree had been arrested for allegedly hatching plans to kill cops, this was what Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds wrote:


Reynolds, along with other right-wing bloggers, suggested the arrests were politically motivated. The theory seemed to be that the bust was part of a government plot to, I guess, make the Christian militia look bad, as well as conservatives in general.

So rather than immediately denouncing right-wing, anti-government extremists who may have been plotting to kill cops, Reynolds played up the partisan angle, suggesting the timing of the raid was "convenient."

And Reynolds was right! Kind of [emphasis added]:

Federal authorities say the 21-year-old was a member of a militia group known as Hutaree, or Christian warrior, that plotted to kill a police officer sometime in April and hide homemade bombs along the funeral processional route in hopes of taking out scores of others.

So yeah, the timing of the arrest was "convenient," because according to law enforcement authorities the Christian militia members were getting ready to kill cops in the coming days.

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