Right-wing bloggers vs. Boehner, Steele and Cantor

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Unhinged right-wingers are screaming mad about the reports over the weekend that Tea Party protesters in Washington, D.C. used racial and anti-gay epithets to denounce Democratic members of Congress before they voted to pass health care reform.


Or more specifically, "MEDIA FRAUD."

Why? Because videos from the rally that didn't contain any audible slurs have been posted online, so boggers have declared the insults were never hurled. (They proved a negative!) And of course, bloggers are blaming the press for perpetuating a "fraud"; for spreading the "horrible story."

But uh-oh, look at who else was busy over the weekend spreading the "fraud': Rep. John Boehner, Rep. Eric Cantor and RNC chairman Michael Steele.

Here's what GOP leader Boehner had to say about the reported use of racial and anti-gay slurs [emphasis added]:

Well, listen. There were some isolated incidents on the Hill yesterday that were reprehensible and should not have happened.

RNC chief Steele:

it's not a danger to be associated with the tea party movement. It is--it's certainly not a reflection of the movement or the Republican Party when you have some idiots out there saying very stupid things.

And Rep. Eric Cantor:

Nobody condones that at all. There were 30,000 people here in Washington yesterday. And, yes, there were some very awful things said.

Oops, all three went on national TV and seemed to confirm "awful" and "stupid" "incidents" that occurred at the Tea Party protest.

So yes, Boehner, Steele and Cantor were in on the "fraud." When will right-wing blogs start denouncing the three for the shameless way they smeared conservative activists?

We'll wait.

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