UPDATED: Another awful Rasmussen poll

UPDATED: Another awful Rasmussen poll

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The Austin Chronicle recently raised doubts about some of Rasmussen's work and questioned this nonsensical Rasmussen polling question about terrorism:

Should the December attempt to blow up an airliner as it was landing in Detroit be investigated by military authorities as a terrorist act or by civilian authorities as a criminal act?

The Chronicle noted:

As Eric Boehlert of Media Matters observed when Rasmussen asked the same question about the Fort Hood shootings, it's a misleading proposal, based on false assumptions, since terrorism is a criminal activity and is investigated by civilian authorities all the time.

The newspaper then pressed pollster Scott Rasmussen on the issue. Note his complete lack of response to my specific critique about his illogical polling question [emphasis added]:

Rasmussen's general response to such concerns was simple: "For the most part, it's just people don't like a particular question, they get upset about it, and more generally they either don't pay attention to the details or they are just don't like the message that comes out of it."

Not a reassuring sign when Rasmussen won't even try to defend the often God-awful polling question his team concocts.

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