Air America launches new and improved website

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Air America's Beau Friedlander writes:

You've heard the rumors. The time has come. Today marks the launch of Air America's new web site--the change you want to see, the place to go for the latest news and opinion on the issues that matter most to you.

We're pushing for the issues that matter most to Americans today, and we need you to help. The tide has turned. Health care, the climate bill, education, energy--America is on the brink of a new solution-oriented epoch. It's a group effort. Click around. Interact with our hosts and editors. Tell us what change means to you. Let us know what you're thinking about. Get involved as a member of the Air America community. Sound off. Act up. This is your site. Own it.

Air America's mission remains unchanged, but now you will find the most up-to-date news, a progressive take on issues that matter to you—war policy, social equality, education, the economy, energy and the environment—alongside insightful commentary, smart bombs of political theater, and the context you need to form and inform your take on the world of politics and beyond.

And of course there's the same great programming from Air America's on-air talent including Rachel Maddow, Ron Reagan, Jack Rice, Richard Greene and Ana Marie Cox, as well as other well-known hosts like Randi Rhodes featured on WZAA in Washington DC.

Visit and poke around its new digs.

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