Nugent jumps on Beck bandwagon: Obama and Carter the "real racists" who "have been destroying black America for decades"


From Ted Nugent's October 1 column:

Jimmy Carter is either a racist or an idiot or both. Probably both, tinged with a little senility.

Carter recently made the statement that he believes racism is at the core of the angst by those who are protesting Barry O's policies and programs.

Schindler's list was probably racist too. Bad deal, criticizing the naked Emperor like that.

With beliefs and statements such as these, one has to wonder if Jimmy Boy still lusts after other women or if Rosslyn has finally tamed the beast.

When the left-wing moonbats and their toxic, dopey, hippie-inspired ideas are cornered and exposed, they will often revert to hollow and tired charges of racism in hopes of deflecting the blazing light of truth. These are the actions of a racist. What say you, Peanut Boy?

The Democrats know that without the support of black Americans their political party is doomed --a t least until they can addict the immigrants who have arrived over our southern border. Get them dependent on Fedzilla handouts, and the Democrats believe they can own their votes.

Meanwhile, the condition of black America continues to erode because our government keeps it so. How sad. How totally unnecessary.


You don't need to be an historian to see who the real racists are in America. Jimmy Boy, Barry O and others have been destroying black America for decades for their votes. That's the ugliest side of racism.


Joining Beck, Townhall's Shapiro calls Obama "a racist" in column titled, "Barack Obama: The Black Jimmy Carter"

Limbaugh: Obama is "the greatest living example of a reverse racist"

Bill Cunningham: "Barack Hussein Obama, that's the racist - obviously"

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Ted Nugent
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