It's official: This summer's mini-mobs were merely "noisy"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

As we sail into September, the rewriting the mini-mobs is all but complete. Thanks to the Beltway press corps which is both wildly impressed by GOP hardball and scared of the right-wing, along with its its nasty charge of 'liberal media bias,' the press has completely whitewashed the ugly, anti-democratic outpourings of hate this summer, where smears and misinformation were spread with abandon.

From today's Washington Post:

Conservative activists have dominated the public debate in recent weeks with dire warnings and noisy disruptions at town hall meetings, while national polls show declining support for Obama's ambitious plan to widen health insurance coverage.

Don't you just love the "dire warning" touch? It makes it sound like protesters actually knew what they were talking about, rather than wallowing in the paranoid right-wing fantasy that the federal government would soon be in the business of selectively killing old people. But that would made the protesters sound crazy, so the Post opts for "dire warning."

And the "disruptions"? I think there the Post is vaguely making reference to the fact that mini-mobs members purposefully made it, at times, impossible to have a public debate about health care. That some showed up waving swastika and Nazi posters, some arrived with loaded guns and others committed acts of vandalism. I think that's what the Post is referring to, although I'm not sure since the Post politely declined to detail any of the summer nastiness.

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