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On August 13, at the annual Netroots Nation conference, I took part in the "Democracy Without Newspapers" panel discussion. If you were unable to attend you can now watch the discussion with' Susannah Vila,'s Jay Rosen,'s Persephone Miel, The Nation's Ari Melber,'s Yobachi Boswell, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Michael A. Fuoco and me below:

Panel Description: Is the death of newspapers a threat to democracy? Or is the loss of major news outlets actually the best thing that ever happened to the democratic process? From blogging networks to investigative journalism funders, an increase in new models for news seems to bode well for bottom up action and civic engagement. But can civic media and participatory journalism dig up corruption as well as or better than today's traditional reporters? Will the importance of institutional credentials wane, leaving room for anyone to report and write stories? Is this good for democracy and bad for journalism, or vice versa? In this panel we will discuss and create new ideas for how participatory online media can invigorate both journalism and the political process.

Karl Frisch
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