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Last night, AC 360 featured a report by CNN's Gary Tuchman from a health care town hall meeting held that day by Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ), who faced a large, hostile crowd for three hours in North Arlington, NJ. After the meeting, Tuchman gathered a group of presumably representative attendees together and asked them why they thought all the "yelling and screaming" was necessary:

You'll notice that during the interview, CNN displays a graphic that should have thrown up a red flag for Tuchman: One of the town hall protestors – who says the "yelling and screaming" is necessary because "If you were about to be hit by a bus and didn't see it coming would you like me to yell and get your attention?" – is captioned "Valley Stream, NY."

Valley Stream is in Nassau County, between 52 minutes and two and a half hours away from North Arlington, NJ, depending on the traffic (and trust me, there's always traffic).

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And yet, Tuchman had no questions for the man about how he happened to end up in a town meeting for a different congressman in a different state. Because it's not like there's a wide-ranging campaign by national conservative organizations to pack Democratic town halls with protestors who oppose health care reform.

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