UPDATED: Noel Sheppard can't be this dumb, can he?

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Jamison originally asked the question, after Newsbusters' Sheppard wrote this:

In another example of Barack Obama's appeal diminishing with the public, the White House was forced to reschedule Wednesday's press conference to 8PM from 9PM as NBC didn't want its summer hit "America's Got Talent" to be pre-empted.

Hee-hee, wrote Sheppard, Obama's tanking because look, a TV network wanted to air some goofy entertainment show instead of a WH primetime press conference, so Obama blinked and had to change the time of the presser.


If that's the unique way he now judges sitting presidents, I'm assuming Sheppard is not familiar with this New York Times dispatch, from April 29, 2005 [emphasis added]:

In a showdown that featured inside-the-Beltway lobbying and bare-knuckle boardroom negotiating, Donald J. Trump and President Bush effectively squared off yesterday in pursuit of the same parcel of real estate - a piece of the NBC-TV prime-time lineup. And it was the president who blinked first.

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