UPDATED: The WSJ's deafening silence over the Mark Sanford scandal continues

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

We noted last week the blatant hypocrisy of the WSJ's right-wing editorial page turning a blind eye to the Sanford controversy--a Republican governor who used taxpayer money to visit the woman he was having an affair with--in light of the fact that the same right-wing WSJ editorial page crusaded for Bill Clinton's impeachment.

The Journal's editors have published one dozen unsigned editorials since the Sanford affair broke. Not one word about the story or whether Sanford should be impeached.

But now comes word that a South Carolina Republican is pursuing criminal charges against Sanford:

ABC News' John Hendren reports: Gov. Mark Sanford's chief rival tells ABC News today he'll pursue a criminal prosecution of Gov. Mark Sanford -- even if he has to go to Washington.

Republican state Sen. Jake Knotts last week asked South Carolina prosecutors to launch a criminal probe. Today, Knotts told ABC News, he plans to pursue an investigation in the state legislature, the state attorney general's office – and possibly a federal probe.

What does the WSJ think about this intramural GOP warfare? Do editors agree that Sanford should be prosecuted, the way they urged Clinton had to be? Should Sanford be impeached the way they urged Clinton had to be?

To date, the Journal's cowardly editorial writers won't even address the issue.

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