The WSJ's deafening silence over the Mark Sanford affair

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Or, alternate headline: The WSJ supports the impeachment of Mark Sanford, right?

Do conservative media double standards come wrapped with more neon than this one? I suspect not. It's almost comical to watch the Journal's right-wing editorial page, which crusaded and cheerled for Bill Clinton's impeachment for years, suddenly turn a blind eye when the Republican governor of South Carolina admits an extramarital affair, and then remain mum even after reports surfaced that the governor used taxpayer money to travel to see his girlfriend in Argentina.

Based on the intellectual standard (and I use that phrase loosely) the Journal established under Clinton, Sanford absolutely, positively MUST be impeached from office. Yet not only hasn't the Journal's editorial page made that claim, but the Journal's editorial page hasn't written one word about Sanford.


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