How much is the Philadelphia Inquirer paying John Yoo?

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Bush's torture memo man is now an Inquirer columnist. Coming on the heels of the revelation that the Inquirer pays former GOP senator Rick Santorum $1,750 to write a quickie column, which is about five times the going rate for that kind of work, we have to wonder how much is the Inquirer paying Woo?

Of course, lots of people are wondering why the Inquirer is paying Yoo anything at all. And why the newspaper would want somebody as tainted and discredited as Yoo pontificating on the Op-ed pages.

Writing at the crosstown Philly Daily News, Will Bunch sums up the mess:

Most famously, Yoo was known as the author of the infamous "torture memos" that in 2002 and 2003 gave the Bush and Cheney the legal cover to violate the human rights of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, based on the now mostly ridiculed claim that international and U.S. laws against such torture practices did not apply. Working closely with Dick Cheney, Cheney's staff and others, Yoo set into motion the brutal actions that left a deep, indelible stain on the American soul....As an American citizens, I am still reeling from the knowledge that our government tortured people in my name. As a journalist, the fact that my byline and John Yoo's are now rolling off the same printing press is adding insult to injury.

Only in our "liberal media," would a resume like Yoo's land him a perch at a prestigious newspaper.

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