Still waiting for the Rightroots movement, cont'd

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If you thought the state of the conservative blogosphere was in sorry shape at the turn of this year, you aint seen nothing yet. As Obama's approvals continue to rise, and longtime players like Sen. Arlen Specter flee the GOP, the proverbial sound of heads exploding can be heard all across the right-wing blogosphere. (We're looking at you, Erick Erickson.)

The latest 'pop' comes from Pajamas Media. (I thought they went under...) It's from John Hawkins and he recently urged right-wing bloggers to start playing dirty like the Left. That right-wing bloggers needed to abandon their normal lofty, ethical perches (stop laughing!), and really mix it up; like investigate journalists' personal lives and air that dirty laundry. That sort of thing. Because, y'know, right-wing bloggers were so docile and decent during the WH campaign, right?

If I could offer a refresher on that topic, I refer you to Jon Swift's masterful blog post from October 23, 2008, in which he compiled some of the 'greatest hits' from the Rightroots' campaign season:

-During Obama's dark, mysterious years at Columbia, he was involved in domestic terrorist bombings

-Obama didn't actually write Dreams of My Father. In fact, it was ghost-written by none other than Bill Ayers!

-Michelle Obama attacks "American white racists" in an interview with obscure online news site

-Obama had a girlfriend that his wife found out about and forced her to move to the Caribbean

-There is a tape of Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan talking about "whitey"

-Obama was not born in the United States and his birth certificate has been forged

-Barack Obama had an under, gay "affair" with a pedophile

-Obama was getting answers in the first debate through a clear plastic hearing aid in his ear

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