Ambinder again whitewashes GOP's anti-gay bigotry

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A few weeks ago, The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder wrote that "virtually ALL" Republican strategists are "sympathetic to gay rights," and "most members" of the Republican "elite" are actually "pro-gay." Given that virtually all Republican strategists and most members of the Republican elite participate in campaigns that demonize gays and oppose granting them the same rights enjoyed by other Americans, I questioned Ambinder's definition of "pro-gay" at the time. Privately feeling badly about publicly participating in efforts that stigmatize gays and deny them basic rights simply doesn't meet any rational definition of "pro-gay."

Now Ambinder suggests that Republican Congressman Steve King thinks "sexuality shouldn't matter at all." Here's Ambinder:

You don't have to be Rep. Steve King -- who here implies that gay people wouldn't be bashed so long as they don't tell people about their sexual orientation -- to have a vague sense of that sexuality shouldn't matter at all, that sexual orientation should be irrelevant as a way of judging someone for any job, anywhere. Most Americans either live in this mental framework or are moving here.

That's an extraordinarily generous description of Steve King. Steve King certainly doesn't think sexual orientation "shouldn't matter at all." He opposes gay marriage, for example, and worries that Iowa will become a "gay marriage mecca."

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