The press still doesn't do policy

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

Howard Kurtz doesn't have a problem with Fox hosting anti-tax protests:

Minneapolis, Minn.: What's your take on Fox News throwing "FNC Tax Day Tea Parties" and having Hannity, Beck, Greta and Cavuto host them across the country? Seems to cross the line, even if the folks involved are "opinion" hosts.

Howard Kurtz: They're free to stage whatever kind of protest they want. I only complain when talk show hosts join fundraisers for the Republican or Democratic parties, or become part of candidate rallies. That says to me they have relinquished any semblance of independence.

Participating in a fundraiser for a political candidate certainly relinquishes any semblance of independence in covering that campaign. But no more so than participating in anti-tax protests relinquishes any semblance of independence in covering taxes. Given that much of the point of elections is to decide which policy approach we take, it's arguably worse for journalists to take such clear policy positions. Kurtz's attitude is just another example of the Beltway media's constant prioritization of politics over policy.

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