Giftgate news flash!

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When president Bush traveled to Mexico in February of 2001, marking his first foreign trip as POTUS, guess what gifts Bush gave to the family of Mexico President Vincente Fox? Keep in mind, Obama is being ridiculed today for giving the Queen of England an iPod that, among other things, included audio for some of his speeches. (i.e. Self-centered, much?!)

Well, here, according to a February 17, 2001 dispatch from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, is what Bush gave his host [emphasis]:

After a few minutes of light conversation--Bush spoke English and Fox translated--Bush presented [Fox's mother] with two gifts. The first, a glass frame from Neiman Marcus, contained a photo of Bush and wife, Laura, dressed in formal wear. The second gift was a dark green textile throw. [She] responded in English, saying 'Thank you' twice.

If your memory is that the press couldn't have cared less about the gift exchange in 2001, you're absolutely correct.

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