Still waiting for the Rightroots movement, cont'd

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

As long as self-appointed leaders like Andrew Breitbart are in charge of growing the conservative blogosphere, we think we'll be waiting a very long time before the Rightroots stops getting lapped by the liberal Netroots.

Breitbart's latest excuse for why right-wing bloggers remain stuck in neutral is truly priceless. (Hint: somehow it's Media Matters' fault; we're "goons and liars.")

And just some friendly advice, but political movements that get off the ground are rarely fueled by non-stop whining. But maybe Breitbart's pity party will prove to be the exception.

UPDATE: And don't look now Andrew, but the conservative site Riehl Word View is calling your bluff:

Give me a freaking break here, Breitbart. The Right on line doesn't need to be infiltrated. It has long been nurturing the seeds of its own destruction by elevating people who have already swallowed most of the little blue liberal pill of political correctness in a chase for prestige, or cash.

The Left isn't the Right's worst enemy - the Right, more specifically, the sissies and the mostly pedestrian conservative mouthpieces waiting for their next big scoop via the RNC in our midst, are... The Right-side of the blogosphere is a snoozefest just waiting for Big Brother to pat them on the head, toss 'em a quarter and tuck them in.


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