Here we go again, Dem vs. Dem

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

We have no idea how the budget process is going to play out in coming weeks on Capitol Hill. But we're already suspicious of the press' heavy breathing narrative about how Obama will have to "battle" Democrats in a bloody civil war to get his budget passed.

We're suspicious because we saw the exact same non-story get hyped when Obama sent his stimulus package to the Hill for approval last month. The press went into heavy hand-wringing mode Obama would have to "battle" Democrats in a bloody civil war to get it passed.

Slight problem--it never happened. But the press has very little/no short term memory, so here we go again:

-"Democrats vs. Democrats" (Politico)

-"Obama's Budget Fight Starts With His Own Party" (Time)

-"Democratic factions curb Obama budget" (Washington Times)

-"Obama Battles Senate Democrats Over Budget Priorities" (ABC)

-"It seems like the Democrats are doing all your criticizing for you." (CNBC host Carl Quintanilla to Republican Congressman.)

-"Obama Tries to Unite Democrats On Budget Plan" (WashPost)

Again, we have no idea how the markup process on the Hill will play out or if it will be any more rancorous than when previous administrations tried to pass budgets and enjoyed majority status in Congress. But based on previous performances this year, we can't help escape the heavy scent of media hype in the air.

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