Journalism as theater criticism

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The New York Daily News' Kenneth Bazinet and David Saltonstall mistook last night's presidential press conference for a Broadway opening.

Headlined, "President Obama's Dull Delivery During Press Conference Fails to Inspire," the two theater critics announced:

President Obama feels your pain - and your anger - but that assumes you have any feeling at all after his less-than-electrifying press conference Tuesday night. Obama used his second prime-time news conference to acknowledge disgust over AIG bonuses, but mostly he somberly urged Americans to be patient and give his multipronged economic blueprint a chance to work.

Got that? In discussing his multipronged economic blueprint, Obama was too somber. Of course, this is the same Daily News that early this week mocked Obama for being too jocular during his 60 Minutes appearance.

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