Cue the world's smallest violins, cont'd

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CNBC throws a pity party for the TV nets because they have to air a primetime press conference from the White House tonight and have to adjust their "carefully designed" Tuesday lineups. And OMG, they won't be able to cram as many ads onto the airwaves tonight. And wouldn't you know it, it all couldn't come at a worst time!

We noted last month how the WashPost scolded Obama for having the gall to address the nation in primetime. This CNBC report is just more of the same nonsense; nonsense we never saw from the press when Bush took to the airwaves.

Today, next to AIG execs, it's hard to imagine who deserves less sympathy than television pros who use the public airwaves for free and set aside minuscule amounts for the country's good. Tonight's one such occasion and CNBC acts like the roof is caving in.

We especially liked the CNBC lament that Obama's presser will muck up TV ratings:

Tonight's press conference is on one of the most popular time slots on one of the highest rated nights in the week, and it's during the crucial sweeps' period where the nets set their ad rates.

Actually, this year's March ratings sweeps (they're usually in February) are something of an industry joke and nobody's really taking them seriously anyway.

So save it.

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