Remember when being a White House correspondent was a big deal?

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Remember when it was represented a pinnacle position for Beltway journalists? Today, we're not so sure. Not when we read Time articles like this:

"The Obama Team's Drink of Choice? Coke, Not Pepsi"

The unfortunate news piece looked at the recent Pepsi ad campaign which seemed to mimic the Obama 2008 campaign by adopted cola slogans such as "Yes You Can," "Optimismmmm" and "Hope."

Reported Time [emphasis added]:

That said, the marketing campaign, which includes TV and print ads as well, does raise a question: Is Pepsi actually the choice of the Obama Administration? My reporting at the White House suggests the answer is a resounding no. Several senior Administration officials are committed cola drinkers, and without fail they spend their days sipping from a can of Diet Coke, a product of Pepsi's chief competitor, Coca-Cola.

Somewhere Henry Luce is rolling over in his grave.

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