You mean Jindal exaggerated?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

About the tall Katrina tale he told on national TV Tuesday night?

Well, then his aspiring national political career is over, right? Because the Beltway press made it quite plain while covering Al Gore's 2000 candidacy that exaggerating was a disqualifying offense for the White House. That exaggerating revealed a disturbing character defect, and that people prone to exaggeration were not only self-aggrandizing creeps, but could not be trusted to be POTUS. Period.

Sorry, Gov. Jindal. The press was quite clear about that fact. Your only hope is that the press will adopt a completely separate standard for judging Republican and Democrat aspirants. And that the media's previously unwavering obsession with exaggerations will fail to materialize this time around.

And c'mon, what are the odds that will happen?

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