With Coleman down in MN Senate count, paper suggests "do-over" election

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With Norm Coleman's hopes of retaining his seat in the U.S. Senate looking slimmer by the day, a reporter from the Washington Post and an editorial from the Pioneer Press have a suggestion to (prolong the already months long election contest) bring things to a close.

Despite the fact that Al Franken won the recount and continues to hold onto the lead...

Despite the fact that Norm Coleman has been handed legal set-back after legal set-back...

Despite the fact that Minnesota is losing out with only one Senator in Washington...

Despite the fact that conservatives are using the lack of an additional Democratic Senator to stymie President Obama's agenda...

Despite all of this, the Washington Post's Shailagh Murray and the Pioneer Press think it might be a good idea to scrap everything that has happened since Election Day and instead hold a run-off election, something that even Minnesota election law doesn't allow?

How about some critical reporting that holds Coleman accountable for his hypocritical legal wrangling? Perhaps that would speed things along.

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