UPDATE: Malkin "do[es] not think it's out of bounds" to make analogies comparing Obama to Hitler

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You may remember earlier this week when we posted a photo from ProgressNowColorado of right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin posing for a photo with a man holding a sign that uses a circled swastika as the "O" in Obama. The photo was taken at a Colorado rally against the President's economic recovery plan.

Then there was Malkin's initial defense when she posted a bunch of images using the swastika and Nazi imagery to attack former President Bush and other conservatives (including herself). It's worth noting that none of the images Malkin posted included prominent progressives -- say, Markos from DailyKos, radio's Ed Schultz or MSNBC's Rachel Maddow -- posing with someone holding a swastika sign.

Well, thanks to our state-based Colorado Media Matters, we now know that Malkin "do[es] not think it's out of bounds" to make analogies comparing Obama to Hitler.

From Colorado Media Matters:

Conservative author and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, appearing as a guest on KHOW's The Caplis & Silverman Show, asserted it is not "out of bounds" to analogize President Obama to Adolf Hitler. During a discussion about a photo taken in Denver of her posing with a person holding a sign showing a circled swastika as the "O" in Obama, she claimed without providing evidence that a progressive group conspired to capture the image and asserted it is "the M.O. of the left" to "play[] the Hitler card." Neither host pointed out that numerous conservative radio hosts -- including some on KHOW and sister station KOA -- have used Hitler or Nazi references and allusions in criticizing Obama and other Democrats.

Listen for yourself...

For those of you who missed the photo, here it is again:

Courtesy of ProgressNow Colorado

Economic Recovery Plan
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