Malkin responds to swastika Obama photo uproar

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Michelle Malkin is up with her defense for a photo we posted yesterday (originally posted by ProgressNowColorado) showing the right-wing blogger posing for a photo with a man holding a sign that uses a circled swastika as the "O" in Obama. The photo was taken at a Colorado rally against the President's economic recovery plan. For those of you who missed the photo, here it is again:

Courtesy of ProgressNow Colorado

Malkin's defense? Post a bunch of images using the swastika and Nazi imagery to attack former President Bush and other conservatives (including herself.) Like much of her writing, Malkin misses the point. Are there looney-tunes on both sides of the aisle who have used Nazi imagery to attack those with which they disagree? Yes.

Did Malkin post any images of prominent progressives -- say, Markos from DailyKos, radio's Ed Schultz or MSNBC's Rachel Maddow -- posing with someone holding a swastika sign? No.

This is about Malkin's judgement, or lack thereof.

How could anyone, let alone a quasi-public figure such as herself, think it a good idea to pose with a man holding that sign?

Economic Recovery Plan
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