Newsmax host says “anti-white” bullies are indoctrinating children to hate “the majority race in this country”

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Citation From the April 3, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Sovereign Nation

MICHELLE MALKIN (HOST): Our focus today, critical race theory and the left's war on whites. Is there any clearer sign of how privileged a society is then the disproportionate amount of time that that society spends guilting citizens over how privileged they are?

In America 2021, our children are being indoctrinated from kindergarten through college to hate the historic American nation, its founders, and the majority race in this country. They're being taught by anti-white, anti-American bullies that we are all just nothing more than the miserable sum of our politicized racial and ethnic identities. Instead of celebrating the privilege of American citizenship, minorities are steeped in grievance, victimhood, and contempt while woke white liberals are hurling themselves under the bus to prove their so-called virtue.