Zogby embarrasses itself with anti-stimulus push polling

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Get a load of these "some say" and "most Republicans oppose" questions:

"Some people say that the nearly one trillion dollars in debt and subsequent interest incurred by the stimulus bill during an economic downturn will make the recovery hard to achieve. Do you agree or disagree?"

"Some Republicans say the Obama stimulus package spends too much and stimulates too little. Do you agree or disagree?"

"Most Republicans oppose the currently proposed stimulus bill supported by President Obama because they say there is too much money being spent for non-stimulus items. Do you agree or disagree that too much money is being spent on items that won't improve the economy?"

How loopy is the poll, done in conjunction with something called ATI-News? It doesn't even register the response among Democrats. It only measure answers from Republicans and Independents. (At least, that's what the press release does.)

Naturally right-wingers are pushing the "Zogby poll," but if a single news organization runs with this data it will be a disgrace.

UPDATE: As we learn from the ConWebBlog:

ATI News is merely an aggregator of other news websites and generates no original content, and O'Leary is author of the WorldNetDaily-published Obama-bashing speculative fantasy "The Audacity of Deceit." So O'Leary clearly has a biased agenda to push, as if the Zogby poll he commissioned wasn't evenough proof of that.

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