When the press plays dumb about itself, cont'd

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And three makes a trend!

Jeanne Cummings at Politico pretty much writes the exact same piece as Hirsh and Dionne. (Ah, CW....) The White House is losing the media war surrounding the stimulous package, and (surprise!) the media have played no role in that development.

Before Hirsh or Dionne or Cummings or the rest of the media elites write again about the White House losing the media war, they ought to go read John Amato [emphasis added]:

Obama was elected to bring change to the economy, not to debate the merits of tax cuts all over again. We had that discussion for 18 months and Obama won. Tax cuts lost. Why is the media ignoring that fact? John McCain ran on tax cuts to save us and he lost. Now he's telling his supporters that he's going to vote NO on the stimulus plan and wants them to sign a petition. You lost the election badly. Democrats have solid majorities everywhere you look, but not when it comes to the media that is supposed to inform us and not play "spin wars' with the country.

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