Even NPR falls for the phony Obama/Limbaugh feud storyline

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This may stand as the single biggest non-story of young Obama administration, but boy the press loves to tell it: Obama's in a verbal sparing match with Limbaugh! The president picked a fight with a radio talk show host! It's been "tit-for-tat," according to NPR.

Really? Obama has been engaged in an extended back-and-forth with Limbaugh? Let's give this tale a rest, shall we. It's true that Limbaugh has been talking non-stop about Obama. About how how evil his policies are and how he hopes the new president fails. And about how we need to grab our ankles because Obama's father was black. It's true that Limbaugh has wandered waaay off the reservation and is spouting Obama hate non-stop on the public airwaves. (Peter Berkowitz please take note.)

But what exactly has Obama done to fuel this supposed feud? What's been Obama's role in this showdown? Answer: Over the course of nearly two weeks as president Obama uttered a single sentence, in private, that contained a single passing reference to Limbaugh. And that reference did not even attack Limbaugh. He simply suggested that Republicans in Congress should not legislate by taking their cues from a (once drug addicted) radio talk show host. A radical notion, we know.

But that doesn't matter because the press wants to tell the tale about how Limbaugh and Obama remain locked in some kind of a war of words. About how, according to the Chicago Tribune, "the president has taken up the [Limbaugh] challenge in a rather pointed and personal way." Which is, let's face it, pretty close to being 100% inaccurate.

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