It's like GOP Reefer Madness, con't

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Media Research Center spells it out: Obama's declared "war" on Rush Limbaugh. And Obama's soon going to revive the dreaded Fairness Doctrine. Grab your rations and run people!

Not but seriously MRC, in terms of Obama's "war" on Limbaugh. The only evidence you have of Obama's declaration was a single passing reference the president made to the talk show host: "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done" he told Congressional Republicans last week. That just doesn't seem very war-y.

Question (as we do our best Dwight Schrute impersonation), what constitutes further acts of "war"? Is Obama allowed to mention Limbaugh by name? Is Obama allowed to make eye contact with Limbaugh if the two men are ever in the same room? And is Obama allowed to tune into Limbaugh's AM show, or would that be considered unwarranted government intimidation?

MRC, we await further wartime instructions.

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