It's like Dawn of the Dead at the White House press room

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

After eight years of zombie-like behavior, where members didn't even care when the Bush White House waved in a former male prostitute using an alias so he could ask phony questions at press briefings, on Day One of the Democratic administration it's a whole new vibe.

And oh man, are reporters pissed at how Dems are running things. I mean, it's a disaster:

There have been a handful of rocky moments so far. Some press staffers found their name cards misspelled on Wednesday and phone lines weren't properly hooked up. Reporters trying to reach the press staff got emails bounced back.

Also, press aides informed reporters that the doors of the lower press office will be locked until 8:30 am, an inconvenience for those on the early shift. Following a USA Today blog item, there was confusion about whether the site would regularly publish pool reports since there was a "pool report" link on the site. And in the hours before Gibbs' briefing, the northwest gate of the White House started running out of temporary passes.

No wonder Chuck Todd compared it to Gitmo!

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