Chris Matthews and the blogs

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I'm slightly torn over this one. One the one hand, it's a good thing if Matthews attempt on Hardball Thursday night was to make clear that his show didn't want to traffic is personal rumors that swirled around Caroline Kennedy in light of her withdrawing from pursuing Hillary Clinton's U.S. senate seat.

The problem was the way Matthews did it. Specifically, by suggesting the rumors were a blog thing, and that he practiced journalism and that blogs, in general, did not. Because, let's be honest, that's just not the case. Or did I miss the blog coverage from Inauguration Day that read like this:

I gave Val Kilmer a ride home last night. I met—let's go through the names of who I met, John Cusack. I love—I always wanted to meet him. He said he always wanted to meet me. That's kind of cool. And Ed Harris. And Robert De Niro, I met him last night. …

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