A bit of a stretch ...

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Time's Michael Scherer:

The Page notes that Caroline Kennedy's public approval in New York state is slipping, while Andrew Cuomo, once an in-law of the Kennedy clan, is gaining ground. ... One reason Kennedy's momentum may be stalling: There is something a bit claustrophobic about the whole high-society world that Kennedy claims as her own, a fact that is magnified by Kennedy's own relatively thin resume. As one example, Ben Smith points to this passage from Michael Wolff's new biography of Rupert Murdoch:

As Rupert Murdoch begins to plot to get the Wall Street Journal, he's also worried about getting Grace into private school in New York. He wants her to go to Brearley, where [an older daughter] went. He recruits Gary Ginsberg, who knows the Kennedys, to help him get Caroline Kennedy, a Brearley Alumna and board member, to write a letter on Grace's behalf.

Got that? Caroline Kennedy's public approval in New York is slipping because Michael Wolff's biography of Rupert Murdoch -- a book that Scherer's source says nobody is talking about -- contains a passage in which Rupert Murdoch asked Gary Ginsberg to get Kennedy to write a letter of recommendation for Murdoch's daughter.

Yeah, right.

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