Power Line and warbloggers continue their serial mendacity

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Right-wing warbloggers are keeping up their attacks on journalism, as well common sense, by insisting that reporters covering the Gaza fighting are concocting tales of violence. Why? Because "the media loves terrorists and their propaganda." We documented the warbloggers' most recent bouts of media-bashing dementia last week.

This week the trend continues with John Hinderaker. Writing for Power Line, a leading light of the right-wing blogosphere, we discover Hinderaker can miraculously divine the intentions and motivations of children 6,000 miles away in war-torn Gaza. In a post headlined "Manufacturing Disaster" (because the reports of violence in Gaza are invented; keep up people), Hinderaker dissects an Associated Press photo [emphasis added]:

In this photo, taken during the current conflict in Gaza, the man on the left appears to be injured, but the children on the right do not. They look as though they were told to lie down so they could be photographed with the injured man and described as "children...wounded in an Israeli missile strike:"

Hinderaker's conclusion: The children are fine.

Behold the right-wing blogosphere.

P.S. Did you note that, according to Hinderaker, the man on the left appears to be injured. Can't we create a separate Internet for these wingnuts?

P.P.S. Is it me, or is Michelle Malkin sitting out the latest press-hating crusade in which warbloggers announce, without any actual proof, which reports and images from Gaza are authentic and which ones are not? Meaning, did Malkin actually learn a painful lesson when she lent her name to previous (laughable) warblogger jihads against the press (paging Jamil Hussein...) and has she decided her reputation could only take so many hits? We'll be interested to see if Malkin backs Hinderaker's hollow claims.

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