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We've highlighted some absurd attempts by news media to tie Barack Obama to Rod Blagojevich's alleged corruption. But this may be the most ridiculous, from Time magazine:

On more than one occasion during his stunning press conference on Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald bluntly said he has found no evidence of wrongdoing by President-elect Barack Obama in the tangled, tawdry scheme that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich allegedly cooked up to sell Obama's now vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. But for politicians, it's never good news when a top-notch prosecutor has to go out of his way to distance them from a front-page scandal.

So, the US Attorney who is going after Blagojevich says there is absolutely no evidence Barack Obama has done anything wrong.

This, naturally, is bad news for Barack Obama. Also, up is down and black is white.

Note also that Time says Fitzgerald "has to go out of his way to distance" Obama from the scandal. But Fitzgerald did so not because there have been indications that Obama is connected to the scandal -- no, he did so because reporters asked him multiple questions about whether Obama was involved.

Let's sum up:

1) Reporters ask Fitzgerald, based on nothing, if Obama is involved.

2) Fitzgerald says there is no evidence Obama is involved

3) Reporter writes that it is bad news for Obama that Fitzgerald had to go out of his way to distance Obama from the scandal.

Heck of a racket, isn't it?

More on irresponsible reporting on this topic from Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake, Taylor Marsh, Greg Sargent, HuffPo's Jason Linkins, Bob Fertik, and Steve Benen. D-Day wraps up the media coverage:

When Will Obama Resign?

To hear the traditional media tell this story, Barack Obama personally directed millions of dollars into Rod Blagojevich's personal bank account and promised to make Blago "President for Life" at the end of his term. They also baptized one another.

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