Byron York still doesn't know why Obama ran for president

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The conservative writer claims, "Back in the primaries, Obama argued that we should not return to the Clinton years." (Note York doesn't provide a quote where Obama supposedly made that claim in the primaries.)

York mocks Obama because he has tapped so many Clinton administration vets. Why the derision? Because, claims York, Obama's campaign was all about change. And look! Now's he's hiring Clinton pals.

If nothing else, York's column provided us with a chuckle. We chuckled over the fact that York, who spent the last year covering the election, still can't figure out what Obama's campaign was about. Yes, it was about "change." It was about delivering the country from change from the Bush years.

When you think about it, it really is just beyond belief that our press corps, even the partisan GOP press corps, can be this clueless. Again, here's York laying it on thick:

Too many times to count during the campaign, he promised voters change. We've had it with the old Washington ways, he said. It's time for something different.

Yeah Byron, different from Bush and Republicans.

But for Clinton-obsessed pundits like York (and trust me he was not alone), the Obama campaign was all about delivering change from the Clintons.

So we'll ask again, why can't the press quit the Clintons?

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