Is Michael Kinsley serious?

Is Michael Kinsley serious?

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Or is he joking? He's a sly writer, so sometimes it's hard to tell. But after several run-throughs we have (sadly) concluded he's serious in his WaPo column today about Obama and smoking [emphasis added]:

Smoking is a disgusting habit that can kill you and those around you. Barack Obama claims to have quit, but the evidence is ambiguous. And the media's lack of interest in this question supports the charge that Obama is enjoying a honeymoon with the press. Compare the attention given to John McCain's melanoma -- a health problem more likely than smoking to kill him in the next four years, but also a problem beyond his control. Smoking, by contrast, is behavior. It sets a deplorable example for young people, millions of whom Obama has inspired into active citizenship.

We wish it was a parody.

UPDATE: The Daily Howler agrees.

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