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We have a major, war-related scandal involving photos being digitally altered, please engage. Please engage!!

We'll wait for the LGF and the rest of the warblogging brigade to work itself into a frenzy, just like they did in 2006 when some Reuters photos from the Middle East were marginally altered to add more plumes of smoke rising from bombed-out Beirut . For the warbloggers, the photoshopping scandal was a huge deal; more proof that the liberal media was arrogantly trying to distort the news and mislead the public.

Well, now AP has uncovered another round of military photos being doctored. Except this time, they're being gussied up by the Pentagon, which is why LGF couldn't care less.

We hate it when double standards get in the way of a good bout of indignation.

(h/t CJR)

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