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In light of reports that Clinton administration alums Eric Holder and Peter Orszag will be Attorney General and Budget Director, respectively, in the Obama administration, we're likely in for yet another round of media snark about the supposed conflict between campaiging on "change" and then hiring Clinton alums.

This is absurd.

First, the suggestion that hiring Clinton administration alums is inconsistent with "change" is dependent upon the belief that the Clinton and Bush administrations were identical. Nonsense.

Second, the suggestion is predicated on the assumption that the Clinton administration was a monolith; that everyone who served in the administration has the same opinions and approach to policy and to politics. This, again, is nonsense: thousands of people served in the Clinton administration -- some of whom supported and worked for Barack Obama's campaign.

If the media chatterers want to claim that Obama isn't making good on his promise of "change," they're going to have to do better than simply pointing to the hiring of Clinton administration alumni.

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