The press' permanent campaign

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Dan Kennedy at Media Nation can't recall a time when pointless speculation for the next presidential election cycle basically began 24 hours after the most recent one concluded.

Neither can we. But it seems to be part of the Beltway press' desire for a truly permanent campaign industry. The press, as you recall, criticizes politicians (and especially a certain former Democratic president) for adopting permanent campaign mode. For obsessing over politics and never fully turning their attention to governing.

But now the press, addicted to the attention that campaign seasons bring them (i.e. TV face time and book deals), and coming off an unprecedented 22-month White House campaign season, seems unwilling to walk away.

And note that this desire for endless campaign coverage runs counter to the interest of news consumers. As we mentioned yesterday, when post-election news consumers were recently asked if they'd miss following campaign news, an astounding 82 percent said no.

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