Newsbusters can't find hate on talk radio

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Brent Bozell's team is angry that somebody wrote a column criticizing talk radio and called it hateful. Newsbusters seemed to suggest that Douglas Turner, the offending Buffalo News columnist, didn't provide any examples of this alleged right-wing hate on talk radio because it doesn't really exist:

He makes this "violent" claim but offers not one single example. Who was "violent"? What radio host urged listeners to violence? This is quite a charge and it would be nice if Turner would provide an example instead of throwing such a bomb without proving his wild-eyed claim.

Let's see if Media Matters can help shed some light on the topic and put an end to this quaint notion that GOP talk radio, particularly during the just-concluded election, was just minding its own business talking policy and never crossed the line into hate mongering.

*Bill Cunningham claimed Obama "wants to gas the Jews."

*Mark Levin compared Obama to Hitler

*"Gunny" Bob Newman claimed "there will be an invasion of Muslim terrorists" if Obama were elected.

*Michael Savage announced that Obama was "hand-picked by some very powerful forces ... to drag this country into a hell that it has not seen since the Civil War."

See here for all the details and see if you think Turner's claim about hate radio stands.

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