More lame allegations of press bias

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Eric keeps urging me to stop reading Mickey Kaus, for the sake of my sanity. Unfortunately, I sometimes can't help myself. Here's Kaus last night:

Isn't it pretty clear that the reason Obama is contesting McCain's home state of Arizona isn't to humiliate McCain or because Arizona might actually be decisive ... but as a media strategy to generate Election Week MSM stories about how McCain is on the defensive, etc. ... P.S.: It's working. On MTP, Tom Brokaw had "Arizona" at the top of his list of contested states, as part of a how-things-have-changed-for-McCain analysis. It's almost as if the MSM is playing along!

Yeah, it's almost as if the MSM ("mainstream media") is playing along with Obama's strategy. But not quite.

See, has McCain up by 5.2 points in Arizona. And Obama up by 7.7 points in Pennsylvania. And, of course, the MSM has devoted considerably more attention to Pennsylvania-as-swing-state than to Arizona -- just as McCain wants them to! It's almost as if the MSM is playing along, all right -- with McCain.

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